Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Through the eyes of a child

When I look back to the years of my childhood, they seem like a lifetime ago and seem to be distant and lost memories. I start to wonder if they were even my memories at all or just a dream but I remember my childhood well and what a dream it was.

 To have friends in school, friends to call and watch movies with, being able to sleep in during the summer months and watch television, go fishing and spend time with my dog, my friends and just enjoying life. Life was like a dream, a dream come true where every day you live, explore and enjoy being alive without a care in the world.

We often dream of growing up and what life will be like as an adult when we have freedom to do whatever we want, not realizing just how free our little lives are as children.

It is not until we grow up, graduate from college and start living on our own that we realize just how good life was; life with no bills, no responsibilities and not having to be a slave to society to earn a decent living. The memories and joys of childhood should never be forgotten nor should the lessons learned - to take time to stop and smell the flowers, to rest and take a nap, to enjoy calling a friend and to simply live your dreams.

When we get old, the phone doesnt ring that much any more. Friends are grown up and gone, moved away, married, slaves to the job and we forget the simplicity of just being a child. I miss those days and when life gets to be too hard, I do as the children of Israel often did during their years of captivity; I look back to the good old days and smile, remembering when life was fun and simple.

It is for this reason that I have been inspired to create children's art. To capture the memories, the dreams, the imagination of children to inspire us so that when we grow old and life beats us down, we can see the world as we once did, with wonder and amazement and where every day was a celebration. I think this is why we are a society fascinated with art, movies and fiction books. We love to dream and escape from the doldrums of everyday life to go out on a little adventure and slay a dragon, escape to Oz or Narnia and see the world the eyes of a Hobbit.

If nothing else, we manage to escape just for a few hours in a movie theater, in front of a book or to stare at a painting. We get to dream again and step back into the world we once forgot known as childhood.

- Rick Short
  March 6, 2013