Friday, October 05, 2012

Art - Bringing the dream to reality

Movies and art are two very similar mediums of escape to take you to a new realm of
possibilities - a place in time, a new world or a distant place or dream you long for. Art gives us
a chance to dream, to create and breathe new life into things that would otherwise never exist.

When we look at movies that capture our attention and look at what comes from these movies,
often science fiction breeds science fact. I never will forget the example that former Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch used. He was talking about Star Trek and the realms of
possibilities it created. He took out a communicator that was just a prop from the TV show, then pulled out his cell phone that was a flip phone and said "I now own of these and it is smaller".
What was once Science Fiction, just a thought, an idea scribbed on a napkin in some Hollywood
Studio, is now something everyone across the world uses and take for granted as a common
everyday item.

As an Artist, when I look at how art, movies, music and so many other art forms affect our
culture and every day being, I am amazed at the idea that schools would even think about
cutting out art classes for students. What a boring world it would be without art to stretch us, entertain us and most of all, challenge us to create art of our own and put it out in the
world to either be embraced or stomped on by critics.

I think of how Art has stretched my education and skills, it has shaped who I am today and
stretched me to take my ideas, write them down and then slowly and methodically bring them to

This is what schools need to teach our children. To use our imaginations, to dream, innovate
and come up with new ideas. This is what builds society, fuels new products, businesses and
ideas and ultimately fuels the economy.

Another thing I have learned about art is that it is truly recession proof. Good art always sells.
If people like it, they will vote with their pocket books. Look at the movies, music and artwork
that has launched successful careers and carved fortunes out of thin air. All because someone
had a dream and they were not afraid to create it and breathe life into it.

In the business world, I have met so many people who are tinkerers, innovators and have
wonderful ideas but for some reason, they just cannot seem to make those ideas materialize.
They tinker and pick ideas to death, constantly changing them, constantly saying it is great one minute, then hating it the next. These are people who live in fear. You have to have the tenacity,
the determination and the discipline to bring those ideas to life. Most of all, you have to believe
in yourself and believe in your ideas. Some ideas may spread wings and soar to new heights,
and some ideas may go down in flames but you get nowhere without seeing the idea through to
completion. Build it. Bring it to life. This is my mandate to you, the reader. You have the dream
now go after it. I have had to face the same challenge in my life and am facing it now. The
dream is there but it will never come to reality unless I see it through.

As a child, I often got into trouble for daydreaming in school. I still daydream to this day.
I dream of new paintings, new digital art, new websites to create, new articles to write, new
engineer ideas to help the world. Some ideas have been a hit, some have taken a while to take
off and be accepted and some have sat unnoticed by the public eye but that is ok. The beauty is
the idea is out there and someone somewhere will see it and be inspired to either buy it, embrace
it and create new ideas of their own and therein lies the true beauty of art. Someone was inspired enough to go out and put something into the world just as our Creator put us on
this world to inspire, encourage and help each other fulfill our destiny on planet Earth.

But one word of caution... people who are not dreamers, don't like dreamers. Because you have
a vision for your life and they do not. They will seek to destroy you, but realize this.. Joseph
had a dream and his brothers sold him into slavery and wanted to kill him over it but God saw
that vision true and Joseph saw that vision become a reality in his life. God gives us these
heroes in the bible to encourage us. Because you may be a Joseph, a Daniel, a person of vision.
Pursue it, and dont let those who would block you get in the way.

Bring that dream to life and let it take you to new places in life. Meanwhile, enjoy the dream
that God has put into your heart to fulfill the reason He made you.

- Rick Short, Artist
October 3, 2012